Entry #2

I draw stuff everyday!

2014-11-26 14:17:52 by theblackbx

Hi! Thank you for passing by, please also visit:


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2014-11-26 14:32:41

Nice illustrations! You have a looser style and I like that!

theblackbx responds:

Thank you for visiting my wall! I really appreciate it (:!


2014-11-26 15:37:40

This looks really great! Would you like to join our small group: Piebomb?

We could really use stuff like this, and I would appreciate it if you joined~

theblackbx responds:

Thank you! I am really glad you liked it,
I have responded to Piebomb by PM :).


2014-11-26 15:39:57

Your art is pretty good and being scouted by Cairos is quite the honour so i think it i'll be following around.

theblackbx responds:

That means a lot to me, Thank you! :)